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Is this guy into me?

I'm real bad at this dating thing especially since my last relationship was horrible. I went on a first date with this guy on friday. We met three weeks ago at his show and then met up again for a quick drink where he introduced me to his dad and one of his brothers, before going on an official first date alone. We had a wonderful time. Had a nice dinner. He took me to a place where he goes with his family...had conversation about marriage and what we think about it. A lot of things clicked and connected with us. After the dinner, we headed to a local bar that him and I like where one of his other brothers and his brothers gf met up with us. They had conversation with me and invited me to a family party that they were having the following day. I turned it down because 1) i had work and 2) my date wasnt the one who invited me so i didnt want to impose. He asked me if I had any free time Monday-Wednesday and I said I would check and let him know! Well saturday I texted him saying I was free on tuesday afternoon if he wanted to get together. He didn't reply. I didnt think too much of it. I texted him today "I hope you're having a great sunday!" and he texted back immediately with "Thanks, i hope you are too!<3" I waited just a little and asked "will I be seeing you this week?:)" and he replied quickly again with a "yes" and nothing else. I did a little flirty txt after and said "awesome! means i get some more kisses lol"...and now its been hours since... Is he even interested?

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    Here are the guidelines:

    Men date women hoping for sex. A few, who are ready to marry and have their career and finances in order, also look for a partner. But even they are motivated mostly by wanting sex.

    A guy is interested in you IF he asks you out. If he doesn't chase you, then either he is not relationship-ready, or he just is not that into you. And he doesn't care if someone else steals your heart.

    IF he has been steadily dating you for at least 6 months, it is safe to say he likes you ... OR he likes the sex.

    If he has been dating you at least 1-2 years, and THEN asks you to marry him, then he probably loves you. Asking you to move in may not indicate love. It may just indicate convenience for him until.

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