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Does he like me?

So I like this guy and I think he may like me too but I'm not too sure problem is he's a manager and I'm scared of getting fired. But he stares at me alot and Everytime I look somewhere he's already staring at me. He's cute and definitely my type. And he talks to me every once in awhile asks me how my day's going or tells me to have a good night or just will talk about whatever. He smiles when he sees me or used too. Sucks because of my shyness when I see him idk what to say and him being a manager and all is frustrating. But I guess the main thing I'm wondering is how do I know forsure if he's into me?

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    First of all is he married or engaged or anything?? You need to know this and whether he is free first, before you let your feelings develop.

    You won't know if he truly likes you unless he makes a move, which is unlikely with him being your boss. Also you are not in a position to ask (or come onto) him or it could jeopardise your job.

    The only way you will know is maybe on a staff night out where you could maybe do a bit of flirting with him perhaps and see where it takes you. If he is interested he will let you know - but that is

    unlikely to happen on work premises in this day and age as managers & staff have to very careful to avoid any harassment cases.

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