Should I give up on ladies!?

So, before any response comes my way, yes I’m a passionate person,Yes I’m a romantic but now that is seem to be going away. Through my college and university life which I’m still in, I run into beautiful ladies, but most are very snobby an uptight in San Francisco. I’m already little bitter deep down but I don’t show it, after my break up years ago. But I still want to give other ladies a chance, tried okcupid, Tinder, and spent 1000 of bucks on relationship coaching so I can be much better in talking to them and approaching them. By ladies themselves. I am tired of them going to the bad boys, yes I’m funny, a black belt and I know how to cook. I love Country music, and very intellectually so I’d say I’m a husband material at 25, but frustrates me when no lady sees that and so I started to get reserved and monotone. I know what I want and I tell my intentions. I’m patient but I seem to always attract damsels in distress, i do think I deserve a wonderful lady. Plus it doesn’t help when porn has been an issue and I just don’t like watching it. The ladies say they want to be understood and be there for them, but when I am and sweep them away as they want, no care but someone just want to get them drunk and one night stand the “pick up” game those dudes have it so damn easy. I am just giving up on her, but i know deep down this really means a lot to me! As a lady tell me where I can meet a sweet girl and does she exist ! Am a emotional guy so emotions hit me hard when it does.

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  • 6 months ago

    It takes time. It took me years to meet my boyfriend. There aren't many nice honest guys out there. And same with girls. Hard to meet a normal nice girl. Takes time. Don't be bitter. I met an amazing guy before my boyfriend the only thing that didn't work was we had different goals. It sucks because he is still single and he's such a great guy I want him to be happy and I can't believe a girl hasn't snapped him up. My boyfriend also said when he was single it was hard. I think is good people have a hard time but the important part is to remain honest and not force things. Be patient.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Same with me. I'm a nice girl and I'm 22 but has never dated.

    • Fod Ahmed6 months agoReport

      Please go for a nice guy !

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  • 6 months ago

    No - there will always be someone who will come along that you'll click with sooner or later.

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