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feeling stuck.?

so ive been with a guy for 4 years now and hes emotionally and mentally abusive and self centered only cares about himself and what he wants. He belittles me all the time and constantly fights with me and acts like hes not with me around other women. I've been wanting to leave the relationship but feel stuck. We signed a year lease together on an apartment and have not moved in yet or paid anything but the security deposit. And idk if I can break the lease I really don't want to move and be more miserable. Right now I'm lost on what to do because i moved out of state up here and have no friends or family around and not sure if i can afford a place on my own. I have a job but make only 230 a week

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  • Bill
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    6 months ago

    don't pay anything , and move on

    he is a narcissist and will never change

    so you loose a bit of money but you will gain a lot of freedom

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  • 6 months ago

    Go home phuck the lease!!! You are worth so much more. He will do this to every woman he is ever with. Run like hell or make him leave prove abuse get restraining order. Good luck and look into narcissistic boyfriend's

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  • 6 months ago

    Get psychiatric help for Stockholm syndrome. You are mentally stuck.

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