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Recently I have found a skin tag on my bikini line.what to do?

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    Skin tags are easy. I cut one off with an exacto knife once and it bled like crazy and really hurt! So don't do that.

    What I learned was that you can tie a piece of sewing thread around them. Do you know how to make a square knot? You tie one loop around it and tighten it until it hurts, then back off just a tiny bit, until it doesn't hurt. Then tie the second loop. Cut the ends short.

    In two or three days the skin tag will get hard and brittle and you can just break it off! Or it will fall off by itself. It leaves behind a little 'stump', but that goes away by itself in a couple more days. And then you won't even know it was there.

    It's not easy to tie thread around something so small, so be careful and take your time. It might be easier to have someone else do it.

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    ewwwwwwwww gross!!!

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    There’s many at home remedies

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      Suggest those

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