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Do you think I went too far teasing my friend?

One of my friend is rather nerdy and shy. He does not like to go out with us much and instead he prefers to watch cartoons and play with lego on the weekends. So today he was talking about Legos again and i remembered that my 5 year old nephew loved Lego's as well so i suggested to him that perhaps they should meet and befriend each other... obviously i was teasing him and all my friends laughed about it.. he just nodded and said yes it would be cool if he would befriend my nephew(he just played along).

This is just one example.. i always like to pull his legs for fun. But I am not going too far here? its normal for friends to have fun right

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    6 months ago

    If the above story is accurate, you "went too far" with your teasing. Mind your own business.

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  • 6 months ago

    How old is this poor child? Yes, it is going a little far.

    • Arian6 months agoReport

      he is 24

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