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almost 22 and never dated?

I've never kissed either and I feel like I am missing out on relationships but it's also true I haven't had a crush on anyone for so long. I mean there are a lot of nice guys around me but I don't have a crush on them and they don't have a crush on me either (as far as I can tell). I don't really talk to people because I have social anxiety. I know seventeen year olds with more experience than me lol.

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    I used to be you. A big help was Tinder. You don't need to meet for a hook up. Just do a day time coffee. Meet someone you aren't attracted to and is either below or in the same league as you. It will be awkward but do it. And KEEP doing it. Eventually you'll be more confident and used to it that you can start meeting guys on the app that you find attractive and are in or above your league. Then you can think about hooking up or second dates.

    It really helped me get out of my comfort zone.

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  • Walter
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    I feel you lol I’m 20 and never dated.

    At the same time I’m kinda glad considering how messed up this generation is from unrealistic standards in order to be considered attractive (for both sexes), and also what people do for fun.

    The world is getting worse everyday

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