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How long does it take for the non-nicotine cravings to subside?

I quit smoking a full month ago and am using a vape. It worked. I no longer want cigarettes. The thought of lighting one of them and inhaling the putrid smoke is repugnant now. I can hardly believe I ever smoked. The thing is, there’s a craving for something that doesn’t exist. The vape takes care of the nicotine. But the psychological craving is still every bit as strong as day one.

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    I quit smoking almost four months ago and like you, I've been vaping as well. As well, the thought of lighting another cigarette is a non factor as vaping has really worked for me. You will psychologically crave nicotine and the juice I use is 3mg so I'm not sure what mg you're at. I probably will stop vaping one day but for now I'm very content with vaping as it's way safer than cigarettes.

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    just try to rernernber srnoking causes cancer, that should get rid of your cravings

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    It usually takes 2 weeks for the cravings to go away. How much nicotine do you use in your vape? Cause that could play a big factor

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