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Ok I have a Muslim friend...and I am an evangelical Christian. he is a male, I am female... I am married he is not.. Is it ok to be friends?

He has been there for me when life was tough... my husband doesn't know about him.. Ive tried many time to tell my husband about him, but he is always too busy to hear me... I talk to my Muslim friend mostly about my relationship proplems. I have video spoke with him and voice call.. but Ive never seen him in person because we live oceans apart. Is it wrong of me to be friends with him?

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    According to a Hadith [saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him], « when a male and female are alone together [with obvious exceptions such as spouse, sibling, or child] the third between them is Satan ».

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    This isn't about different religions its about the fact that youre married and doing this behind his back

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    If your talking about your relationship problems then you are emotionally cheating on your husband. Those problems should ONLY be discussed with your husband and not another man.

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