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Is it a bad idea to move out right after college?

I recently graduated from college and want to move out of my parents house. I have a good paying job and am certain I can pay my rent as well as other bills and necessities. I make $30/hr and usually work 36hrs per week. My family is very dysfunctional and I’ve been wanting to move out for months now because the drama in the household is too much; I do not have much in my savings right now but I’m willing to take the risk and fend for myself. Any advice?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You might wanna save up a bit before moving out, however moving out will be mentally healthy for you. I think you’re pretty stable with your job but just save up because you will spend a good amount of money setting yourself up in a new house. If you think you are ready for the expenses, go for it!

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  • reza
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    6 months ago

    I would highly suggest waiting at least a month and save up a good chunk before moving out, and also that will give you a good amount of time to go around and talk with apartment building managers of places you’re interested in moving to. My first job right out of college, I thought was going to be very stable, and it was for about 8 months; then they told me my position was being eliminated or I could move to where they were centralizing my position at; I chose to move, and I was extremely lucky I had only been in my new apartment lease for about a month and the manager on site really liked me and my bf, bc if not she could’ve made us pay the entire lease’s rent right then and there (about 10 or 11 months of rent I definitely did not have), but she waived it since we hadn’t been there long and we’d been good renters. I had no savings tho, so having to move so suddenly would’ve been impossible without my parents’ help.. so I’d suggest saving at least a couple thousand just in case.

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