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Are these good body measurements??

I'm a 20 year old college student. Wondering if my body measurements are even close to hourglass figure. 38-24-40


btw because someone asked, I'm 5'5 with 32F bra size

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    A lot of people use the first measurement as shoulders or bust interchangeably, so make sure you measured the wider of the two to get an accurate result, but if you did indeed measure bust or shoulders (whichever is wider) as 38, waist 24, and hips 40, then you're right on the border between a triangle body type and an hourglass. Technically, mathematically speaking, you're a triangle, because your hips are literally 5.26% wider than your shoulders/bust (triangle = hips 5% or bigger than shoulders/bust, hourglass = hips and shoulders/bust less than 5% bigger than one another, the same size basically). So if you round down you're an hourglass. It's kinda up to your discretion what you consider yourself, but dressing and virtually everything compliments triangles and hourglasses the same, and both are the two most attractive body types tbh.

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    • SumDude
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      Measurement over the fullest part of the bust minus the chest measurement under the bust equals bra cup size. And 32 F is a strain on the back. MY WIFE (and daughter !) told me.

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  • d
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    6 months ago

    That's an hourglass shape, and quite a dramatic one, too. Lucky you!

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  • 6 months ago

    depends. What is your height? What is your cup size?? COMMENT - Still, I want to know - lol.

  • patty
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    6 months ago

    never seen a guy with such a big bottom

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