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I had sex with my sister's friend?

So today I was watching tv and my sister came home with her friend from lunch. I'm 16 and my sister and her friend are 20. I find that my sisters friend is extremely hot and I get hard everytime I just take a look at her. Her name is Hannah and I have known her for close to my whole life. So anyways, today when she came to my house my sister went upstairs to go take a shower and me and my sisters friend were just sitting on the couch together and all of a sudden she turns to me and says did u know I always thought u were pretty attractive. And right then I started getting so hard and I was trying to hide it and I don't think she saw my ***** but she asked me if I found her attractive so I said of course and all of a sudden she leaned in and she started kissing me so I started back before I knew it she was unzipping my pants and she started sucking my dick I heard my sisters footsteps coming down the stairs and I knew I was screwed and when she saw she was so mad at me and her friend she kicked her friend out of the house and she hasn't talked to me in 3 days. Please help and tell me how I can make it cool between the two of us.

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    Honestly, I don't think it's your fault at all. Sounds like she practically seduced you and she should be ashamed of herself. You are just a child and she is an adult and what she did was really wrong! You should tell your sister that! Answer mine plz...

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    cool dream bro.............

  • 5 months ago

    enjoy your fantasy, troll.

  • Ricky
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    You lucky sabbana bissssshhhhhhh. It's cool bro just tell her it's nothing and get her number and have her invite you to her place. That way you can b ang her every day. 😎

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  • 5 months ago

    you should probably just give her some space and time to let it cool. i can imagine she feels really weirded out/betrayed, so i doubt it's something that can be fixed easily or quickly. you could try to ask her if she wants to talk about it and tell her you're sorry (assuming you are, but if you aren't then don't), but if she refuses to talk then just give her some time. just don't get mad at her, because it's all about something you did. don't make yourself the victim or blame her friend, or else your sister will probably only get angrier

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