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So theres workmen making holes in the pavement?

making such a noise. I stop and tap one n shoulder so he can hear me. I ask what they are doing? He says they are installing bicycle posts. I tell him its very loud, he then says its none of my business and starts back drilling. Would you stand for this rudeness especially as he is making so much noise as I walked past. It also wasn't really a bicycle "post" as was more of a semi circular requiring two holes for each. Is this normal, as I suggested he change design so as not to take up so much room. He seemed annoyed at this point. What to do now? Should I go back tomorrow with more suggestions?

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    In order to dig into pavement the tools required are pretty noisey. Not much, really you can feel about that. It's obviously a civil project that's been approved by your local board. Once it's under way you just have to kind of deal with it I had to deal with it when they put storm sewers in front of my house you get used to it.

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    Were your ears offended? Yes, those workers were in the process of installing a barrier to protect cyclists from numbskull motorists. You interrupted them doing their work, and yes, the person you interrupted was annoyed at having to interrupt his work to answer your silly question. Lots of people complain that public workers are lazy, seems that you found one who simply wanted to keep on with his job. As for the design of the barrier, it is made that way to appear to idiot motorists as something that could damage their precious cars thereby protecting vulnerable cyclists riding in the bike lane

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