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How do I make my room look better? (in a non-basic way)?

My room walls are navy blue, my bed is white and navy blue with stripes, and I have a mirror behind my bed with star lights on it. I have small bedside tables on the right side, and left side of my bed along with a large desk and chair. Near my right bedside table is a large dresser with multiple drawers and a mirror. Next to the dresser is a fluffy, white, beanbag chair. Next to the beanbag chair is my white closet. All my furniture is white. The walls on my room are pretty plain so I want to spice them up a little bit. I don't really need any more fairy lights, but if any one has recommendations for what I should add to my room I'd be thankful. One thing I do like is the stars and moon, so if any one has any ideas related to that or anything in general, I'd appreciate it. Thank you! :) (ps: I hope my description was okay lmao)

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    some wall art might add a nice touch, maybe with a color theme that's not blue or white. something that complements navy, like a salmon or peach color? or if you're not into that, then maybe put some personal photos up on your walls in frames to add some other colors and give your room more of a personal touch. or you could frame a print of the moon phases for your wall, or get a constellation map of a certain day or just the night sky in general to hang up. you could also find a light up globe of the night sky maybe.

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    You can have some on trend right now like a nordic style frames like:

    It's cool to have it or you can have some canvas prints on lighter tone. You can have a customized one and put it as a 4 or 5 panel.

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    If you like stars and moons then paint them on the blue walls (and maybe a few UFO's and aliens too).

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