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Was Maxim at risk of being assasinted by any government agents who may not have wanted him to sell his machine gun to their enemies?

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    Interesting question. You know the Colt machine guns used by the Americans in WWII as well as the Vickers guns used by the UK were both variations of the Maxim gun. They even looked alike!

    Before WWI, Maxim was hired by Edison's company. They sent him to England for some fake reason, the real reason was to prevent him from inventing anything that might compete with Edison. It was in Britain that he came up with the idea to invent a gun. As a child he'd been knocked down by a gun's recoil, and he got the idea to use the recoil to load the next cartridge.

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    I'm going to say no for this reason-military culture at that time was very conservative. Says the wikipedia page on the Maxim gun-"National and military authorities were reluctant to adopt the weapon, and Maxim's company initially had some trouble convincing European governments of the weapon's efficiency. Soldiers generally held a great mistrust of machine guns due to their tendency to jam." Therefore the people who were reluctant to adopt machine guns would hardly be interested in killing Maxim if they thought his gun was crap in the first place.

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