nancy asked in PetsCats · 6 months ago

is lantusgood if refridgearated after expired a year?

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  • 6 months ago

    I talked to a pharmacist when I was using Lantus for my cat's diabetes. He said it's good for far more than the '30 days', provided it was refridgerated, has not changed color or was shaken to break the solution (no mass of bubbles inside). However he said it would diminish effectiveness over time, and anything over a year old would not be safe to use because it wouldn't be full strength.

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      Hey, Nancy, just FYI: take a look at that Edit button beneath your question. You can use it to move questions that land in the wrong category, as Yahoo is often wont to do. I'll go ahead and move you to Pets > Cats (Level 7 users can do this).

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