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Why does he hide his girlfriend?

My ex and I have been broken up for 3 years this month. I am happily engaged, so trust that I am over my ex and have been for a while. I'm the type that realizes life is short and I like to make sure people are happy and doing well. I don't like to have bad blood between me and anybody, not even my ex's. Back then, he basically left me for somebody else, but that wasn't apparent until they actually got together 2 months after he left me. They ended up having a child together. A while back, I found his girlfriend's IG and at first, there were plenty of couple photos (her page is now private, by the way) and then after they had their son, the photos became just either their son or her and their son or him and their son, none of her and him anymore.

For some reason, his cousin and I still follow each other on IG and because of that, his new IG showed up in my "suggestions" on IG. Jokingly, I follow requested his private profile and he accepted. I was kind of surprised. NONE of the photos are of him and her, just of him or of his kids. He doesn't mention her anywhere, but i know they're still together. Why does he feel the need to hide his girlfriend? I get the feeling he hid me, too. Before we had really broken up, he deleted all photos of us from IG.


Lmao I'm not obsessed. I am completely over him. I barely think of him and haven't in a long time. I only thought about him because his profile showed up in my "suggestions" and I was curious.

Update 2:

I'm not ending my relationship over an old loser who can't even show off his girlfriend.

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  • Alan H
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    6 months ago

    Why the obsession with your ex? It seems you are NOT ‘over him’

    Work on your present relationship, let ex be ex and put the past IN the past...... or break off your engagement till you have sorted yourself out

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