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Maths Question in DEtails?

Each of three players has written a list of 100 words. The lists are compared and all the words that appear in at least two lists are crossed out. Is it possible that 54 words remain in the first set, 75 in the second and 80 in the third?

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    Nope. Not possible.

    Let's turn the numbers upside down.

    In the first list, there were 66 words crossed out.

    In the second set, 25 words,

    Iin the third 20 words.

    Now every word crossed out in every list must also be crossed out on another list, right? So 66 words were crossed out in the first list, that means there must be at least 66 words that have been crossed out in another list, either 2nd or 3rd.

    But the 2nd and 3rd lists together have only 45 words crossed out! So there must be words crossed out in No. 1 that are not crossed out in either No. 2 or No. 3.

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