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Very confused fitness related?

I'm working out again and I have no routine I can remember. I'm really focused in losing weight rn but there are so many exercises and routines and i cant decide and tbh I have ocd and autism so it's kinda hard to remember things like that but i wanna get fit so bad because I'm I've lost alot of weight without even working out but I got alot of stubborn fat left i need some tips and someone to explain to me why i shouldn't be freaking out like this.

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  • 6 months ago

    Maybe look at https://thefitness.wiki/routines/

    For weight training maybe look at something like greyskulls (paid but the basic starter one is a simplified version), a 3 day a week routine where you can do other things in between the 3 days if you want. nSuns has 4/5/6 day versions.

    For cardio, instead, maybe a couch to 5k where its 3 days a week for the c25k you can repeat weeks till happy to advance and there are various apps that will take you through the routines each week.

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