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Pregnant and leg hurts?

I woke up with a bad charlie horse in my left leg 2 days ago. There is pain in that same leg now basically where the charlie horse was. Could this just be from the extreme cramping in that leg or could it be DVT? I am going to the ER tomorrow if I can't get into to see my OB but wanted to ask on here first.

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    Very unlikely it's a DVT.

    It's most likely the tight muscle from the charlie horse. Have you been doing prenatal massage?

    Are you drinking enough water? You may want to switch to electrolyte water.

    Also, when you get a charlie horse, drink some milk or eat a banana/potato.

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    • Thank you for the tips! This will be a good way to get those extra massages out of my Fiancé, haha. I do a good amount of walking in my daily life but I definitely will talk to my OB about what else I can do.

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