Was it wrong what my parents did?

There was small fight between me and my cousin when we were young.

We were fighting over a toy of mine. My cousin wanted to play with my toy so i gave her my toy to play. After sometime i wanted it back and she was like she likes it and it's hers now. Then we started fighting over the toy.

Then my mom intervened and grabbed the toy and gave it to her.

Then i started throwing tantrums and crying.

Then my mom beat me up in front of everyone and everyone just looked on. Even my cousins parents too.

It was because of their daughters mistake that i was beaten up badly and they didn't feel a thing.

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  • Alan H
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    6 months ago
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    One suspects that your memory is blowing things up.

    You were being taught to share.....a vital lesson for all of us.

    Undoubtedly you were not ‘beaten up’ but probably smacked for the tantrums.

    Hopefully you will get over the tantrum stage.

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      She was sharing... rightfully, it was HER toy, sharing doesn't mean 'giving'. The cousin was greedy and stole the toy when she should have been just borrowing it.

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