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How do I get easy money under 18?

Listen I’m not exactly into doing **** legally but I need some cash F 15 but I look a bit older and often get mistaken for being 18 or 19 I had to quit my job before summer started as it was outside and a medication I was in prevents you from being in the heat for a long time (like an 8 hr shift would probably get me sent to the er) or let’s just say not so lovely things happen like heatstroke and like death or whatever. I made a little below minimum wage and worked around 24 to 47 hours a week making around 600$ within the week which let’s just say is nice for a kid who thinks 12$ is expensive. But now that I don’t have that ,yes I can take money out of the bank but not getting that regular income has put a bit of a crap in my style if you know what I mean, essentially I want to help my mum out with some things for our new house like furniture for my room catfiod etc. but I can’t because my money flow is a bit low my mom once said if you’re good at something don’t do it for free and the only thing I’m good at besides dominating in video games would be getting male attention I hope you see what I’m getting at. The issue is that I don’t even like men but hey if they give me money I mean sure so essentially I need a sugar daddy or like to become an Instagram model to some extent because (part one)

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Well women have been doing this since the dawn of time, and it’s very doable.

    Main thing is to make sure that you’re safe and not cheated of the money. The usual way to ensure that is to have some kind of agent as a go-between for you and the man. The agent usually helps put the two parties in contact with each other, sorts out the payment terms, and resolves any issues between them, including making sure you’re safe.

    Having said that, it’s normal and natural for men to be attracted to young women, and value them very highly, and pay good money - much higher than any other female profession.

    There’s two basic ways. One is a large number of men, and the other is one guy, usually at a lower rate.

    What it means is that some women say, “If you want sex, it’s going to cost a lot of money, right now.” This is the origin of prostitution.

    Other women say, “If you want sex, then you don’t have to pay a lot right now, and I’ll give it to you on a delayed-payment basis, but I want a joint share in your income and assets for life.” This is the origin of marriage.

    Then between those two extremes, there’s every variation: gf, mistress, concubine, a woman with two or three part-time guys, “good girls” doing a bit of freelance for extra cash rarely, or occasionally, and so on.

    As you can see, marriage is a sub-set of prostitution.

    They both have in common that women expect to get, and men expect to give, valuable benefits to women in consideration of consenting to sex.

    However the more men a woman has had sex with, the less everyone values her.

    This means that your value at present is at the highest it’s going to be. It drops off steeply after 19. Tens of thousands of dollars is not uncommon for the privilege of bedding a woman of your age and stage.

    Not only that, but the guys with that kind of money are usually better-mannered and better in bed than guys your own age with neither money nor knowledge of how to bring a woman pleasure and satisfaction in bed.

    Just saying.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Hmm, you could sell a little pu ssy, or a little head. Those are valuable services.

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  • 6 months ago

    Join a drug cartel, see how long you live.

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