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What will happen if I skip week 4's pills and go to week 1 of my new pack instead?

Do you really skip your bleed/spotting if you don't take week 4 of your birth control pills and just go right into week 1 of your new pack?

I'm a Sunday Start, so I start my new weeks on Sundays. I usually start my BC bleed on Tuesday of week 4. I would be starting week 4 of my current package tonight. If I skip, I will start week 1 of my new pack.

I get my pills for 3 months at a time, so I get 3 boxes at once. That being said, obviously I have the new package waiting if I do decide to skip.

But are there any risks involved? Would I still see spotting sometime during this week, even if I start week 1 of the new pack? Would I have longer/extra bleeding/spotting next month if I opted to take week 4's pills?


I've been on the same BC pills for over a year with no issues. I take them at the same time each night. I did decide to try it and skip this month's "bleed". I've never done that before, so I'm a little nervous, but no turning back now because I took the pill for week 1 of my new pack, so I can't change my mind and take the week 4 ones now.

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