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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 10 months ago

survey about receipt surveys: If your receipt has an offer for a survey do you fill it out? And why do you do it?

I've noticed that as I've gotten older I've been filling them out more and more every time I even get the slightest bit of bad service. I just did one for the grocery store because the self checkout clerk wasn't paying attention to my request for assistance because she was too busy yapping with her friend that was a also a customer that went through self checkout. Last week I did one for Walmart because the cashier and mostly his customer service manager were both inept. I'm tired of inept people that hold me up for no good reason. All I want to do is get in, out, and on my way. Moving on, Even if I don't get bad service and for fast food I'll fill the surveys just for the free food offer. I'll even say they did a totally awesome job even if it just an acceptable level of service. So if you fill them out why do you do it?

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  • 10 months ago
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    If there's a reason for it then I'll fill it out. Like most people who do them the reason is for bad service, not good service.

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  • 10 months ago

    Yea. It's your world. The rest of us just live in it.

    Too bad we are not allowed to have lives.

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