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Why is classroom suspension effective only one fourth of a time?

I know the premise they stopped using the stick but they have found other ways to punish rule breakers. They should exercise discipline by punishing individually.

"Everyone continue study. Lugman, you are suspended from class for one day. Please leave"

The teacher one self was tough and fair. Not only did one punish the real delinquents, one just exercised a fair form of discipline by punishing individually.

A lot of students who feel that learning a lesson is not a sign of weakness become more responsible for their actions.

1 of 4th of the student population are not psychologically able to stay tough in their hearts and learn from their mistakes as quickly as they should. One of them might be an able bodied person suffering from a mental illness, one might have a learning disability, one might be another social group known to suffer from a mental condition, somewhat mild.

The student, whether or not one has special needs, struggle through because they have the image of getting kicked out of class in their heads, they no longer feel like concentrating on their studies, then in the long run, he or she is stuck with the image from the day he she got kicked out of class. Then the influence of getting kicked out of class got him her filled with rage he she causes more problems in the classroom and that's suspension from school, and then suddenly all the images of getting punished does not work and something is wrong with the mental state.

It never boded well.


He she is now forced to think about the haunting images of getting kicked out of class. The move teachers make to suspend students from class is bad but getting suspended from school is worse. Are they equally bad or is one outcome worse than the other. Getting suspended from school and allowing the parents to discipline their child would create an outcome that works. Getting suspended from class only makes it worse by having the student create further disruptions.

Update 2:

The student is suspended from class because the teacher knows that suspension from class would teach them a lesson within the school and it works most of the time. Educational assistants argue that the student is not helped long enough in order to have him her speak tell him her what was making them angry in order to get the teacher him her self to understand the source of a student having problems.

Update 3:

Psychological backgrounds and questionable influence are one of the factors causing disruptive personalities among students. Teachers aim for classroom suspension out of feeling that it would create the usual outcome. Educational assistants and other special ed officials regard in their thoughts that the move wasn't smart and that he she should have been assisted whenever they have a problem in their minds causing disruptive behaviour. It's a universal issue.

Update 4:

It would better suit for the comfort of the educational assistants and other officials to speak with the teacher and have him her bring up the issue that is not helping the disruptive student. Disruptive students should be forgiven for their tendencies, not condemned for undesirable actions teachers think they are expressing. Any academia website would tell you that any punishment is a matter of opinion.

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    you deserve it bc u use ur phone in class

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