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Can I get into legal trouble for my puppy chasing a kid around the neighborhood/ maybe scratched?

I have a 7 month old puppy (11lb beagle/poodle mix). I was packing my car up because I was about to leave to go somewhere so I wasn’t holding my puppy on a leash she was kind of just by my side. But then there was a little kid that rode by on his scooter, so my puppy began to start chasing him. I was calling her to come back but she wasn’t paying me any attention. Next thing i know he’s off his scooter and running away from her. So I’m chasing the both of them to get her. I’m not sure if he fell off of his scooter or if he just got off of it because he was scared. I told him that she thinks your playing with him when he’s runs. But I’m sure he was just scared. And I told him she doesn’t bite. She did start barking at him. But I think he may of threw something at her but I’m not exactly sure I just heard a rock hit the floor from the corner, because they were a lot further away from me. He wasn’t crying or anything but he ran inside. And I just left, because I was leaving to go somewhere. But now I’m thinking maybe I should have stayed to see if he was okay. He wouldn’t talk to me, he just ran inside. So can I get in trouble for her chasing him/ not being on a leash (that’s my fault), maybe scratching him/ possibly falling off his scooter? ( I’m throwing out worse case scenarios)

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    You let the dog run loose off leash which is illegal and you allowed the dog to jump all over the kid. You will be fined for having a dog off leash, fined for letting the dog chase the child and fined for letting the dog injure the child. The dog can even be put down if the parents want that and there's nothing you can do sicne you allowed the dog to run loose. DOesn't matter if its a puppy

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    In the UK, a person can be sued if their off lead dog frightens a person or causes them to be alarmed, even if the dog does not even touch them.

    I do not know the laws in the USA.

    These days its a very BIG responsibility to own a dog, and make sure your dog is under control at all times.

    People seem to be able to sue for just about anything that upsets them these days. Jmo.

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    You could be fined for the dog being off leash.

    Your dog could be classed as "rushing at" someone.

    If the child was injured your dog could be classed as "attacking" someone.

    Both these things increase the fine.

    Where I live a dog that "rushes at" is classed as a viscious dog and subject to strict regulations on how it is controlled by leash and fencing.

    A dog that "attacks" can be ordered to be euthanised.

    That your dog is only a pup & was playing is only relevant to you. To the child it may have been a traumatic experience that will stop them ever trusting dogs.

    Keep your dog on a leash and train it to stop and come when called and hope the parents of the child don't take further action.

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    Yes. It is ILLEGAL to have your dog off-leash, if it does not mind you 100% and leaves your side to chase a child. If it cause the child to slip or have any sort of accident they can sue you for any injuries or medical fees incurred.

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