How long will latex floor paint take to dry before I can apply a water based top coat?

Don't freak out...but I have painted my hardwood floors.It has turned out beautifully! I used Valspar Porch, Floor and Patio Latex Satin paint. It looks beautiful. However, I am unsure how long it needs to dry before applying a water based top coat. It is still slightly tacky after a full 48 hours and some areas will easliy scratch off with my fingernail near the edges. I want to top coat it to fully protect it , but I don't want it to start peeling up if I do it incorrectly! Any help is appreciated!

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  • 5 months ago

    That info should be on the paint can, both how long it should take to fully dry, and how long before you can recoat. The floor paint I usually use says it needs 72 hours before being walked on much or having furniture put on it.

    If you topcoat tacky paint, you'll have a mess that may never properly dry. If it scrapes off easily, a topcoat won't stop that.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Is it very humid? Because it should be dry in 48 hours. But apparently you are able to keep off this floor so keep waiting. Set up a fan, maybe. If it never seems to be drying topcoat it anyway. The tackiness will not be a problem, if the topcoat dries well. If it stays tacky you can sprinkle model railroad powders on it for a striking effect!

    I am a fan of painted floors but never would have the guts to paint a hardwood floor.. It can still be sanded later if need be. The paint will wear in the wear areas but if you use something fast drying it is no trouble to touch up when necessary. I would use oil based or acrylic. Latex is alright if it is floor paint.

    • N H 2055 months agoReport

      Thank you. It is indeed quite humid lately. I am in SC in July! The air conditioning is on but it could still be some of the issue. It is only very slightly tacky at this point. I did think about getting some fans to speed the process.

  • 5 months ago

    Hey, we don't care if your ruined your floors and devalued the resale appeal of your home.

    I suggest you simply read the label on can of the paint you used for recommendations of when and how to topcoat the product.

    • N H 2055 months agoReport

      Thank you so much for your informative answer. It was soooo helpful. I did indeed read the label and it did not include instructions for drying time for a top coat. But thank you again.

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