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Is it too risky?

If someone goes for a blood test for their liver function and their liver enzymes were a bit higher than average not too high but had some mild liver inflammation, and the doctor said it was non alcoholic related but could have been related to sugar, and once liver enzymes and inflammation clears up after doing another test would it be ok for someone to drink alcohol in moderation?

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    A friend of mine had a similar problem and it was due to her diet. She quit all fast food and alcohol for 6 months then went for another round of liver function tests and she was given the all clear by the Doctor. She was very careful afterwards though and yes she does drink but a few glasses of wine everynight. Inflammation of the liver can be related to a diet that is loaded with sugar.

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    you are asking permission to give yourself corosis of the liver with booze . we all have to die from something . that's a bit to drawn out and painful way for me , but if that's what your set on doing , go ahead .

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