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Impacted for 2 years?

I’ve had fecal impaction for close to two years now. The doctors didn’t figure out it was this until about 6 months after it started. It’s past the point of laxatives, enemas, and all of that. I don’t know what to do anymore, I can still poop but it’s just what leaks around the impaction. The doctors said it most likely weighs 20-30 pounds now and has built its way of more than half my large intestine. Someone please tell me how to get this thing out of me!

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    Try pushing your butt cheeks together to get it out.Sounds weird but this is what I do with constipation.Sometimes poop is way too large and too hard in texture to come out and so if you push your butt cheeks together can make it skinnier to come out.Hope this helps.

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    All of the people telling me “it’s my doctors responsibility,” I know that. I’m 17 can’t go to a good doctor to actually do something about it and every time I see a different doctor, they just send me home with laxatives. Please only answer this if you have an actual suggestion or have dealt with any kind of major blockage like this.

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    Everyone is different.

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    It's funny how all these doctors who have estimated its weight haven't said what they'll want you to do to get it out of you.

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    That is the biggest load of cr@p (pun intended) I've ever heard. If there was such a blockage in your body, one of two things would have happened a) immediate surgery to remove the mass or b) death from your intestines being choked off. No human being could survive 2 years of an impaction that massive, much less 2 days. No doctor worth his or her medical degree is going to dismiss the situation without extreme caution and surgery being performed. You can stop shoveling the horse sh*t now. This is NOT medically possible.

    Source(s): I work in an internal medicine practice as a PA.
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    Why ask random people on the internet?

    That's your doctor's job.

    Seriously, they don't diagnose something like that then walk away.


    To clarify -

    No doctor who didn't want to lose their license to practice medicine, followed by prosecution for negligent homicide (in other words, no doctor at all) would diagnose a 20-30 pound mass then do nothing to treat it except laxatives. What you are describing is preposterous, as it's not survivable without surgical intervention.

    If your story were accurate, you would most likely already be dead.

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