How do biological processes influence psychological processes, such as our mental processes and behaviors?

Are most psychological processes impacted by nature? Or is it nurture? Provide an example supporting your answer and explain.

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  • 7 months ago

    I believe it does, yet little biology or

    Internal medicine.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    One interesting fact is we can see your brain cell fire light years (in electrical terms) before you make the decision consciously. When a fly flies right into your face and you duck and flail your arms, embarrassed because you had no control over it, that's the reptilian, automatic (autonomic) brain working. The same goes for decision making. If we hook you up to an EEG, when picking between food items (we do this for marketing) we will see a clear emotional reaction to different things, or lack there of, desired or avoided. A man who had emotions cut from his cognitive brain could not make decisions. He lived in a nursing home the rest of his life because it took hours to get dressed or decide what to eat.

    Nature vs nurture isn't a problem anymore. The example given is what causes snow in what ratio? Cold 30% and precipitation 69%? No, cold and rain are both 100% required. You may have the cell density to respond to the pheromones of the same sex (being gay) but you grew up in a religious culture. Or you grew up in a very liberal culture but don't have the neural structure. Biology and "nurture" are both required for any of the given behavioral patterns to occur.

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  • 7 months ago

    Psychological processes are impeached both my nature and nurture. All humans have imbedded in them, a flight or fight response when it comes to protecting yourself from danger, and that’s where adrenaline comes in. But psychological processes also can be nurtured or gained over time based on society, social norms, the way you were raised and your friend circle influence. For example, a more modern example, a person can be not born homosexual, but as they get into their 20’s, and realize that in 2019 that people are much more liberal in sexualities, they might see attraction in the same gender. 50 years ago being gay was not as common as now, because societies norms were against it. Psychological processes are both conjured from nature and nurture

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