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Travelling abroad and keeping touch with friends?

So I will be making a trip to South Korea for about a couple weeks and I was wondering how I would be able to keep in touch with my friends back here in America? So I have FirstNet through At&t but obviously it doesn't cover internationally. I was looking through there plans and they have daily international plans for 10 dollars a day. Which would be insane for me because I will be there for essentially 2 weeks. I have iMessage and should be able to message friends if connected to the internet but obviously not when I'm out and about. Is it worth the money to pay 10 dollars a day? I'm not even sure if I will be texting during the day so I'm kind of thinking of not paying for an international plan and just use iMessage when i get a chance to connect to the internet.

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    You're going to be on holiday. How much time do you think you'll be spending talking to people back home? Depending on where in the US you'd be calling, there'd be a time difference between 13 and 16 hours. Essentially you have 2 options: #1: You could come here with your American smartphone, equip it with applications like Skype, OTO, and Kakao and use those applications wherever you can find wifi (wifi is widely available here)... OR #2: You could get a drop phone from a kiosk at the airport - usually they only have phones that can make calls and send texts, but it's possible that they might have smartphones for rent, or possibly even for purchase, and you can use that phone whilst here. If it's hooked up to the Korean mobile network it will also allow you to make local calls here, and if you purchase a data plan, you will be able to access the internet and use your Korean mobile to call friends and family back home. Lastly, you could also look into renting a wifi egg so that you can connect your own American smartphone to the internet whenever and wherever you want, but I'm not sure that they make those available to people visiting for only a short time.

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    How is that an insane amount of money? For 14 days, it would be $140 dollars. How much are you spending on the plane ticket? How much on hotels? How much on food? $140 is a drop in the bucket. I have that international plane, and I get plenty of data for $10, so I can check email, text message, and do some web searches. Phone calls are extra on that plan- usually about .99 a minute. If you have wifi at your hotel, contact your friends while on wifi, and you won't have to pay the $10 that day. But any use of your phone to access data will trigger the $10 charge. It's worth it.

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