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Before AOC, was there ever a member of congress who would cite news articles as their source of information?

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    Cortez cant read Newspapers. Scherie Murray - Defeat Cortez 2020

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    there was one other member of congress who did that

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    I remember back in GW Bush's time, VP Cheney 'leaked' lies to the NYT, and then when the NYT published them, Cheney held up the paper as his source. "Look! Even the New York Times says there are WMD in Iraq!"

    I think politicians might do this a lot, and perhaps only hardly ever get caught at it.

    Look at it this way. If AOC is caught in a big lie it hurts her! It damages her reputation. But Trump lies so much we're all sort of immune. He's been caught red-handed in THOUSANDS of lies. I think he's been caught in lies every single day of his campaign and his presidency. So when he gets caught in a lie, what does it matter? It's just one more lie!

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