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I accidentally installed Kali Linux wrongly on my Windows 10 laptop. How do I stop it from running and deleting my data?

I was meant to install it using Virtual Box but I ran the installation process outside Virtual Box and at the end a pop-up box showed up saying I might lose my data. I hadn't yet created a partition for it. I haven't rebooted my computer yet but I don't know what to do once I reboot it. Please help :(


Thank you for your answers! I restarted my computer and nothing happened so I guess there was no need for the panic :)

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  • 6 months ago

    Re-boot and see what you get.....

    What ever you had the kali linux on- dvd or usb.... be damn sure to remove it before reboot.

    If your puter boots into windows- you are one lucky dog. But if it boots into kali....then you will need to re-install windows, if thats what you want.

    I am not familiar with kali, but most Linux will give the option to "try" instead of install. "IF" you selected that option....then you got lucky.

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  • 6 months ago

    If you haven't created a partition yet and haven't deleted your old ones, then nothing has happened yet.

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  • 6 months ago

    I don't know how you set up your installation. When you choose what drive to install, it usually gives you the option to create/manage the partitions. If you simply told it to erase the disk completely, then it deleted your Windows partition(s), and your data is gone. You will only have the Kali Linux installation on your drive. Once the installation is complete, there's no way to undo it. And as you saw, it specifically tells you that your data will be erased.

    That's why backups are critical!!

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