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How would you rank these tag teams?


Hollywood Blonds

Harlem Heat

Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer

Heavy Machinery

Heavenly Bodies

Doing research for a project I am working on

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    1. Harlem Heat: Booker T and Stevie Ray had great chemistry on the early outset of their career. They were easily one of my favorite tag teams at one point in the early-to-mid 90's.

    2. Heavenly Bodies: It's a bit iffy to nail down which tag team you mean when referring to the Heavenly Bodies. There was the 60's team of Al and Don Greene, which I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with them. Then there's the Smoky Mountain Wrestling tandem in the 90's which switched out members almost as often as the Freebirds or Horsemen. There's even a new Heavenly Bodies now working out of New Jersey comprised of Justin & Dustin Corino, and they're a damn good tag team as well from what I've seen of them. When I think Heavenly Bodies I think either Stan Lane and Tom Prichard or Jimmy Del Rey and Tom Prichard. Both tandems were great to be honest, but I'd argue that claims of being a two-bit Midnight Express clones doesn't help when you have Lane on the team. Bobby Eaton even did a stint with the Bodies, which I wasn't aware of until not too long ago. Regardless, the quintessential Heavenly Bodies is Del Rey and Prichard, and they made it further than the rest.

    3. Hollywood Blonds: Hollywood Blonds was another name that was passed around regularly as well, but to avoid another history lesson, I think the most synonymous duo is Austin and Pillman. They were entertaining, talented, and in the prime of their careers.

    4. Heavy Machinery: I think they've got their game down pat, but I do wish they were taken a bit more seriously. For guys their size they get around the ring great, and hearken back to the days of Natural Disasters. Granted, as good as Tenta and Tug were, they weren't as impressively athletic or well built as Heavy Machinery.

    5. Headbangers: In an era where great tag teams inevitably overshadowed this serviceable and veteran tandem, I feel like the Headbangers get kind of a bad rep. They're like the Attitude Era equivalent of Billy Gunn coming into his own just as Austin and Rock emerged in the main event. Billy isn't bad, but he doesn't have the "it factor" that those two hold. Likewise, the Headbangers weren't a bad tag team (god knows Cornette wouldn't have booked them against Rock & Roll Express in Smoky Mountain if they were. Hate Corny all you want, but the dude knows tag 'rasslin'), but they didn't have the appeal or death defying X-Games mentality that the likes of The Hardys, Edge, Christian, or the Dudley Boyz had, or the unbridled charisma that New Age Outlaws possessed with Roadie on the microphone. No Marilyn Manson t-shirt is going to make up for a lack of crowd connection.

    6. Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer: These guys were pure sports entertainment and slam bang wrestling. There was no tag psychology to them, just show boating and being a spectacle. They were gimmick wrestlers pure and simple.

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      Here is how I would rank them

      1. Harlem Heat
      2. Hollywood Blonds
      3. Headbangers
      4. Heavy Machinery
      5. Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer
      5. Heavenly Bodies

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