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I was abandoned last night in a dangerous place by acquaintances I knew from school years ago?

I am not a partier, but I so rarely get out and away from work and home that I felt like going somewhere I was invited to by who I thought was a friend. It was an event at the local theater and the after party was a drive into the next town over. Unlike most of the people that were there, I actually live in the city so there's no real reason for me to have a car when I can usually walk most places. But not in this case.

I asked people I knew from years ago that I went to school with if they could bring me to the after party. They seemed nice enough and said sure. It was going well.

The twist here is, they were only acquaintances now because they were my childhood bullies for about a decade of my life. Absolutely tortured me for no reason, and of course several others. They were and still are very popular, a generation of physical and verbal bullies.

Just when I thought everything was going well, I went to get something and came back they were gone. They left me in one of the worst parts of town alone, no signal to call anyone, my card was on the fritz so I had no money.

I've had plenty of rotten friends in the past, but none so rotten that they abandoned me in a dangerous place. No one would help, no one would let me use their phone. I realize I am an adult, but I exhausted my resources to get help. And I was stuck there until 2am. The guy that invited even shooed me away. And the people I went with went even admit they did it.

Why do people do this?

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  • Janet
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    12 months ago

    How scary for you.

    I'm sorry that happened.

    Why do people do this? Only unhappy people do things like this. They don't face their unhappiness, so instead of healing, the pressure builds up and then they seek some kind of "forbidden release" ..such as being mean.

    As much as they hurt you, they are hurting far more inside.

    They won't admit they did it? Pretty normal ... even after doing something completely rotten, no one wants to admit that they ARE a rotten person. Not to you, and especially not to themselves.

    The happier someone is, the nicer they are.

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