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Why are some people so popular?

Some people are so popular. They have so many friends. It seems like everybody likes them. Why? I notice popular people are always really attractive, rude, uptight, conceited, nonchalant, and selfish. I was never popular nor will I ever be. I don't know why. I am shy, quiet, unattractive, care too much what people think, and unconfident but even when I am outgoing, look kinda cute, or act like I don't care I'm still not popular. Why? It really hurts my feelings knowing some people will always be liked and respected by everyone and I'll never be liked or respected by anyone. I'll spend the rest of my life being hated and disrespected by everyone while some people will spend the rest of their life being liked and respected by everyone. It's not fair. I hate the way of this world. I'm considering taking my life.

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    It's because they usually get themselves out of their comfort zone. Some people are just more social than others and this mostly derives from people around them whether it's their parents or people they grew up with. Some parents push their kids to join a sport or join summer camps to be around other people. Some kids don't enjoy this and are just more introvertive than others. And yes, being attractive is a part of it, but your personality and who you are also plays a big part of it. I'm from Georgia and I went to UGA and the most popular girls were the cheerleaders and sororities who had like 20K followers on Instagram and it's all because they were social and joined a sport to be a part of a community. Some of these people are rude and feel like they're above everyone else and can't be bothered by anyone who they feel isn't "pretty enough" to be their friend. You don't have to be this kind of person. Run your own life the way that you want to without having to change who you are and not try to change yourself based on someone else's life.

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    It’s your personality. I wouldn’t be friends with you

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