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Would you trust your doctor if they said this?

I went for blood work for liver function. apparently the results at that point were a little elevated liver enzymes and indicated liver inflammation I told my doctor that I used to drink a lot of vodka some nights. she also knows I used to take too much advil. but my results never said it was related to alcohol and I asked my doctor if I need to quit drinking but she said it is fine to drink alcohol in moderation having 1 or 2 drinks by the day. don't mix with advil, but even though my results never said it was related to alcohol I cant stop worrying about it. I've been drinking in moderation and I even for one last blood work test for liver function and the doctor never called me regarding my recent test for the liver. the clinic I go to would only call you if there was something wrong but its been 2 weeks they didn't call me so I think I'm all good. but do you think my doctor is right about what she said?

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    If your enzymes are high you should NOT drink. But there is no specific test to tell whether your liver is inflamed from alcohol, medication or something else. There is a disease that is just as bad as cirrhosis from too much alcohol called non alcoholic fatty liver disease that is caused basically by eating too much sugar. The only way to really tell is by cutting out what you think is the culprit and seeing if your liver improves. But many people can also just have temporary elevated enzymes particularly after an illness so if they come down within a few weeks, you probably can drink in moderation. You only get one body. Treat it like a temple, not a junkyard.

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    Follow the doctor's recommendation; if you can't do that, get a different doctor

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