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Want companionship but I don't have the need for it? Why?

So I'm 22, in the military and been single my whole life and never slept with anyone before too. Most my friends are either married, in a serious relationship or have a kid. And I really dont fancy that except for the fact I kinda want to have a kid, but the normal way is dating around-finding "the one"-getting married then have a kid. The thought of doing that is just exhausting.

I know that I'm too selfish with my space and time, I'm so content with how my life is right now.

I've had alot of female friends in highschool and college. I've known a few who had a thing for me and who were pretty clear about it. And sometimes I think to myself "damn I should've asked her out and stuff" but then what, what if it works out and being with someone feels like a lot of work. Usually guys approach females and and stuff but its the opposite with me. I find myself being close with some girls I didn't even mean to be friends with. Then when I get the feeling that theyre into me I just distance myself cause I get weirded out/repulsed by the idea of dating them and going on to sharing my life with them. And before you say that "I might be gay", I'm not gay. I dont fancy being in a relationship with other men either lol

I have considered the thought that I might be an asexual but the definition of an asexual doeant really fit me, I still like females, both physically and in romantic ways. Plus i watch porn like every guy so i dont think I'm asexual

I cant figure out what my problem is

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    Interesting. So just practice approaching females you find appealing; just make sure it's at the appropriate scene. Like, if you see a hot chick gardening, or actually digging a whole for a plant, dont stand behind her just to say hi or to introduce yourself.

    The porn part was funny like every guy lol but yeah a guy using the word "fancy" threw me off lol

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      I use the porn reference to make a point about me being intersted in sex, since asexuals don't have sexual desires and no need to watch it. The word fancy is used in UK alot in a different way than its used in the U.S lol.. though am not from there.

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    It is very simple: You have no need for female involvement.

    Ignore the liberal propaganda and enjoy the single lifestyle. Throwing yourself unnecessarily into marriage will only restrict your freedoms and leave you in misery.

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