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How do i look less “scary” and “dead inside”?

I’m actually a pretty fun person to be around, but I naturally look like im pissed off 24/7 no matter if im actually pissed off or not

How can I change that?

I do have alot of friends as it is but everyone is scared to talk to me unless i talk to them first and reassure them that I’m not in a pissy mood

I’ve never had anyone come up to me to try and be friends with me

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    If you're a female, use makeup. If you're a male, but being afraid to use makeup, work on your expressions in front of the mirror.

    Nevertheless, you should keep doing what you're doing, talking to people. If they're not going to talk to you, talk to them instead and show how fun you are.

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