I’m worried I’m pregnant.?

I have been on the pill for 5 years, then in March I got nexplanon to make my life easier. I’m fairly new to nexplanon and I’m so use to being on time with my period so it’s really making me scared. I stopped my period June 10th( It took 5 weeks before my period started last month, lasted 2 days. I then stopped didn’t see anything for 2 days then started back up on 10th for maybe 4 hours and stopped all together.) I had sex on Friday night June 14 my boyfriend did wear a condom. We then had sex June 16th all 3 times were with a condom that night. We then woke up that morning and had sex again June 17th we kinda got caught in the moment and we didn’t put a condom on which was both of our faults. I then realized it with in no time and he stopped and put one on. Every time we had sex he came inside the condom. He did text me and tell me to take a My Way EC because I did take antibiotics( the effectiveness didn’t drop from these antibiotics checked the website) on May 29th because of a sinus infection. This week makes 6 weeks since my last period. My periods are basically what I would call spotting. I don’t have to wear anything they are so light. I have seen blood but it is not constantly seeing it. It’s just a little blood here and there. I’m so stressed it’s basically making me sick. I have never ever had sex without condom. I have been reading so many things about pre *** and it sometimes contains sperm and it for real has me paranoid. I’m so scared that I could be pregnant.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Nexplanon is one of the most effective forms of birth control because you don't have to remember to take it.

    It is common to have either light periods or no periods at all while using Nexplanon. Irregular spotting is also a common side effect.

    He never needs to use a condom because YOU DO NOT OVULATE while using Nexplanon. No egg - no pregnancy.

    You sound like you are too nervous to be having sex. I don't understand why you are using a hormonal birth control if you don't trust it. They couldn't market it as birth control if it didn't prevent pregnancy.

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