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Why do I have so much hate?

Every time my father comes around I have to stay away before he asks for money or asks for me to buy his home. Also, my cousin he is desperate for a girlfriend and when me and my 10 year old girlfriend come around he snaps his fingers at us so we can give him attention. All this causes me to hate them? Is this normal? How would you feel?

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    You are not obligated to love anybody, especially not your family. Don't feel like you have to feel a certain way just because they are related to you. It is completely normal to dislike family members who don't treat you kindly or take advantage of you or lash out at you. You are allowed to hate them. Though, if you have to live with them, then it might be wise to hide it. I would feel the same way you do if I were presented with the same circumstances and would probably move away from everyone and not tell them where. If that's not an option, then try to set some ground rules for them to follow. I'm sure they'll be a little understanding if you're calm and understanding while talking to them.

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  • 12 months ago

    why is your girlfriend 10 years old im calling the police

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  • Pearl
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    i probably wouldnt like it, just dont be around thern if it bothers you

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