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my family is embarrassing?

When my mom takes me out with my friends she talks and when she does, she doesn’t watch what she says. my sibling and a friend were planning something as well and when she got their mothers name, it was a muslim name because that’s they religion. my mom said “i think the name sounds muslim” and don’t get me wrong, my mom would never be racist and is very respectful of people and their religions. however the tone and the way she said it made it sound as if she was like “ew, she’s muslim?” and my friend gave me a weird kind of look. also, my brother kept trying to butt into the conversation and said “you’re acting like a black girl” in which i wasn’t, there was a meme called “beat me up sis” and i was referencing that. that of course made him look racist in a way i think? i am self-conscious so i get embarrassed easily and my friends’ facial expressions make it worse. he also said “i’m gonna snack your butt when i get home” which he doesn’t do that, he was being an immature 9 year-old i guess. but my friend has sisters so and has no male that lives with her, so she had a look on her face that he’s a pervert or something. and then i see my friend and her 2 sisters getting along, having stuff in common, and always having fun. i’m bored because my brothers are like the complete opposite of me. it just makes me feel jealous and embarrassed. my friends sisters and moms didn’t embarrass them

while they took me out!


i have tried telling them this before but they were quick to argue.

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    Wow. Long post. Any questions you wanted to ask, or just venting?

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