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Should I apologize for sexually harassing a straight boy at my high school?

There’s a senior I really like but he isn’t interested in me because he’s straight, I’m a little unstable, so I usually when I’m paired up with him for something and I hear something funny I will laugh loudly and act exaggerating as an excuse to grab him and touch him. Sometimes I will walk behind him and wrap my arms around him in the hallway when I say hi to him. Now he completely hates me and my counselor told me I’m not allowed to speak to him anymore, should I apologize? I miss him...

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    No. You shouldn't communicate with him at all.

    You seem to be wanting to apologise in order to re-connect with him rather than because of genuine repentance. But he will see right through this.

    You seem to be in one of the few high schools where it's OK to be gay. In most high schools gay guys are bullied unless they totally hide their sexual orientation. Or the parents will organise to demand that all gay pupils be expelled in case they infect their own children with homosexuality. You don't realise how fortunate you are to be "out" with no consequences.

    If a straight guy is physically and sexually harassed in this way, and he doesn't beat the other guy up, it can be seen as an indication that he (the victim) is also gay. So he now has to prove to his fellow classmates that he really is straight. If he is seen talking to you it will just fuel rumours that the harassment was really consensual.

    He may generalise his hatred not only to you but to all gay guys. And there are plenty of organisations willing to take him in.

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    It sounds like you have alienated this young men and he wants nothing further to do with you and you have been told to stay away from him. Some people myself included do not like to be touched, grabbed or touched by other guys. You need to stay away from him, and if the opportunity comes up just simply apologize for making him uncomfortable and then move on.

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  • 6 months ago

    Don't apologize, just stay away. Unless of course you're trolling, as evidenced by your anonymity.

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      Trolling appears to be confirmed by lack of any response to anyone. Thanks

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    If you are apologizing because you miss him and are trying to create an opportunity to speak with him, then it's still sexual harassment. But if you are apologizing because you plan on leaving him alone and you want him to know this, then he would appreciate your apology and respect you more for the changed person you have become. The best way to love someone is by admiring them and appreciating them for who they are, and not by objectifying them to gratify your lusts. There's a difference between doing things that someone likes and doing things that YOU like regardless of whether the person you're doing it to likes it or not. Now what this guy really wants is for you to leave him alone, if you are able to do this, then it will be a sincere act of love.

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