How much do you think a decent condition second-hand trumpet would cost?

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  • 6 months ago

    Look on eBay but ONLY at known brand names, etc. If you need to FIRST look at a very good music store online - and NOT one of those BigBox places like Musician's Friend, etc. - then you can get familiar with good brand names. There are always people selling decent instruments because they quit playing, etc. But there are TEN TIMES as many people selling crappy Asian junk (not that all Asian instruments are junk - some are very good - but you need to KNOW those brands!). If you end up buying something on eBay (and I hope yo get really good advice from someone you trust!) then expect that is has to go right into the shop for a good cleaning, lube, maybe some small adjustments.

    • onthe456 months agoReport

      When you say brands do you mean the make of the trumpet? If so which ones would be the ones to look for please?

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