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Calf injury? Was running at the track out of nowhere my calf felt as it was moving out of place where the hardest part of the calf is?

just running at the track 5th day. I run everyday other day and do some sprints. Anyway out of nowhere I felt like something was hitting my calf but I moved my shorts away and felt that my calf was just moving around as if someone was moving it with their hands. Little Discomfort but both legs been tried all this week of running and we have a heat warning but I’d been keeping hydrated. I took a nice break and did one sprint. 100m 13 seconds cause of the calf but not much pain but afterwards I just couldn’t go again. I can lift my leg with my toes and did test to see if it was my Achilles but my calf is pretty hard so idk what’s going on.

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  • 6 months ago

    We are not doctors. Even if we are, we can't diagnose you without having examined you. It might be worth a trip to the urgent care center.

    One possibility is a muscle cramp: The muscle, or part of it contracts, but doesn't relax. If that's the case, massaging the muscle will help. Slap the affected area. That will help the muscle to relax.

    Another possibility is muscle compression syndrome. Exercise may cause the muscle to swell (not grow), but the swelling is constrained by a sheath of fascia and the bone. This can put pressure on nerves and blood vessels to the foot. Some cases require emergency surgery to save the foot.

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