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Do you stay to yourself Are friends really that important?

For the past 2 years I haven't had any friends. I'm starting to like this life instead of having a group of friends. I even learned that its not good to make friends at the workplace because of all the gossip. I go to work and I will be friendly but not have co workers over or go to there place and get drunk. A old friend of mine got me a job at his job once. After a while we weren't friends anymore because of the gossip he started to do. I would have 1 or 2 friends but not so many. Also maybe dating will help me meet people.

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  • Tj
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    1 year ago

    Im with you on workplace friends. I go to work, do my job and try to have almost nothing to do with others, other than a hello.

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    I would say that friendship is very important, especially the right friendships. I have a few close friends that I can count on my fingers and these friends are always there for me. I'd much rather have few friends than be surrounded by people who don't really care about me and people who I just mix with because we happen to work together, but we aren't really "friends".

    I don't really bother making friends at work either as most people I work with are fake and up themselves and not the kind of people who would bother to keep in touch. I wouldn't say no to making friends at work, but I don't actively seek friendship from work. I prefer to keep myself to myself and do what I'm good at. Unfortunately that work place can be like school and there's a lot of gossiping and backstabbing.

    You're better off making friends by joining a club or group of interest. For example if you want to learn a language why not enrol to a language class or group or if you for example like theatre or art, join a theatre or art group. Or if you belong to a religion or ethnic or cultural group, you could join a group to do with that. You're more likely to make friends with like minded people who share similar interests and values. Also chose to befriend people who have similar values and interests such as yourself. For me good qualities in a friend are similar to mine; strong family values, respect for others, being caring and genuine. I don't like people who gossip about others.

    Friendship is important as a life without friends is lonely and sad. However quality is more important than quantity. It's better to be surrounded by a few good people who genuinely care about you than loads of fake friends who only want to hang out on their terms and don't take an active interest in your life. Hope this helps!

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    i dont have a job, i tend to stay to rnyself only cause i dont have people to hang out with

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