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Why have educated, black men become a sex symbol?

Watch anything on Netflix and see the overwhelming amount of interracial propaganda for yourself. As mentioned before, when you have a high IQ, educated black man that fits how they are portrayed across mainstream entertainment, then it's no different than how high end fashion brands market their goods. See Gucci on enough celebrities or people you like? Well now you'll subconsciously desire it yourself and be willing to pay 10x markup just because it's now a status symbol. Same thing when every female protagonist ends up banging a based black guy and every white male is portrayed as a low T goof. Humans are incredibly susceptible to this sort of subliminal messaging.

Also they are usually charismatic and outgoing while whites are becoming more timid and reclusive on average. Black guys have better game and are more virile with larger.. ehm.. yeah.

It's pretty easy to see why a top tier black man can do very well with white women considering the average white male competition.

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  • martin
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    6 months ago
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    Educated Black men are on the rise everywhere. It is a discriminated minority group that have started to feel their oats what with the former president of the USA, Obama, being one of them. People have Black heroes in movies, even White men like those films. It is very good that more Americans feel successful than before when there was more discrimination. There are Hollywood, the Civil Rights Act, and great examples of good Black men succeeding and sharing their success to help many other people, all great successes for America.

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  • 6 months ago

    Heroic men in movies and on TV have always been idealized, idolized, and sought after by women (and by some men!). Until recently, TV and movies relegated black men to supporting roles, or villain roles. Now we have Michael Strahan. Now we are allowed to see them as actual men instead of character actors or aggressive, uncouth jocks. And once they assume lead roles, like everybody else, they become adored and the subject of steamy dreams, because it is clear to their audience that they are universally admired, they have money, and they will make fine mates and fathers. Our loins burn for money, celebrity, and a nice smile!

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  • 6 months ago

    Well with other blacks a sex symbol, dude i am white and ill tell you straight up that most white women dont like black dudes ( i have said this soo many times) and no you dont have bigger penises, i have been with black trans women and have asked black girls who are kidna of white if this is true and they werent that big, on average they have an average penis size which 5.5-6 inches hard.

    hopefully we see the gangster stop being the praised and see the black man who wants to stick around and can teach his kids the right way to live. hopefully yall culture can change in general and stop praising the street life, because it lands most of yall in jail there are %76 percent of white in the USA and %18 of black in the USA. blacks make up 5 times less than the population of whites but go to jail more likely than anyone

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  • joshua
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    6 months ago

    Why are you so against interracial relationships? What does any of this have to do with you? Jeez, the insanity of racist trash like you. So concerned with what complete strangers who have no affect on your life are doing all over skin color

    By the way buddy my grandmothers white and my mothers mixed. According to your ideology, should I go throw myself off a cliff because I should never have existed?

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