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My computer desktop is completely blank and no buttons work. What should i do?

have a windows computer and its very slow. my friend recommended that i reset the whole computer. I just reset it and when i click the Windows 10 it takes me to an empty desktop with only a recycle bin and none of the buttons work. What should i do to make my computer work again?

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  • 7 months ago

    If you did a factory reset, you've reset the computer to the state it was in when the factory made it, i.e. with just an operating system on it. Everything added since then is gone. You MAY be able to recover some files using something like Recuva as Norm says, but don't bet on it. You'll have to reinstall all the programs you had and still need.

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  • Norm F
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    7 months ago

    If you mean factory reset which it seems you have then your hard drive/partition will have been formatted ie all your data deleted. Before you do anything else try one of the free recovery program such as Recuva and see how much data you want is recoverable

    If you did not factory recover then what do you mean reset

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  • 7 months ago

    Ignore your friend.

    Since you will not tell what "computer" with Win 10 (some version) operating system, no other accurate guesses are possible.

    Search Internet for that model. Find advice given to others with same one.

    Source(s): I have "reset" only two Microsoft OS computers in 33 years. One was neighbor's where he had installed every "free download" doctoring routine out there, paid for none, completely choked system. I saved his photos and music. I did the reset to one of mine once, and about 40 programs were deleted.
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