my grandma recently moved down the hall from my room my brother got the basement I don’t like my grandma and her gross medical stuff Advice?

It’s just really awkward her coughing and sometimes puking she’s always moaning in her sleep and she leaves her dog whom pees everywhere for me to care for. But the dog is so attached he cries so much. Since I’m moving it’s going to be hard to make friends with her up there. I can’t show my friends my room or if we have a sleepover my brother will be there. What do I do?! I talked to my mom but she doesn’t really care

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  • 7 months ago
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    Sorry but as long as you're living at home there is not much you can do, except for making the best out of a bad situation. Outside of being away as much as you can of course, because that's an option you also have.

    It sucks your grandma is sick and not able to care for herself anymore. It probably why your parents chose to move her into the house in the first place. This wasn't done to annoy you and no doubt it's not easy on your parents either. Yet they probably also can't afford a care home as those are really expansive.

    This means you'll have to live with her and the dog for a while. How long is hard to say of course, but find ways to deal as best you can. Taking your bad mood out on others will only make things worse. Such things have a cascading effect, before you know it everyone is in a shitty move.

    Maybe you can take on the challenge to be a ray of sunshine no matter what happens around you? Happiness is a state of mind after all and you can practice that. Find the good in every situation, be mindful of others, practice compassion, resilience, do good deeds (like care for a stinky dog -who you can train or wash if needed), etc.

    Or you can feel bad and stuck and all sorts of negative feelings about a situation you can't change. It's not going to be pretty but it's an option. If you can't change your grandma living with you, why not try to make it as pleasant as you can? Finding what works could be a nice journey or an exciting adventure, if you want it to be.

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      But good for you that you'll give it a try to make the best out of it. Such an attitude will help you in getting over it and learning to do that at a younger age will help you the rest of your life. It's called being resilient and is a very useful life skill :) Good luck.

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  • 7 months ago

    Re: moaning in her sleep, would it help for you to have earplugs so that you can sleep better? Is it possible to train the dog (I don't have a dog so I don't know if that's still possible) so that it can tell you when it needs to go outside to pee? If you want to have a sleepover, maybe you can wait until you trust your new friends that they are nice and compassionate, because I know as a kid I would have never judged my friends for having a noisy grandmother down the hall, even if it seems embarrassing to you. I just can't imagine anyone judging you for that. I'm curious, are there any solutions that you have thought of? I can't think of anything, but maybe you can. Like I'm wondering what you wish that your mom would have done when you told her about your concerns, what exactly could she have done? Remember also that someday you will be old and coughing and puking and moaning in your sleep and possibly have a pet that pees everywhere, and you will want to be treated with love and respect and to be seen as special and important, too.

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