Tampon hurts to take out?

I knew my tampon probably hurt to take out because it was too dry, but then I left it in for 8 hours and it still was excruciating to take out. It was wet though. I know I have the right absorbency tampon, because I’ve tried them all. Why is this happening?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No way to know what else is going on. If you were on your period and using the right absorbency/size tampon for your needs, it should come out easily. The fact that you said it was dry, may indicated that you've misjudged the absorbency. Otherwise, maybe you need to use some lube or Vaseline product to help it slide out. If it happens more than once, go see your gynecologist to check for any structural or reproductive issues that may be going on. If a tampon is properly fitted and you are actively bleeding, it should not be uncomfortable putting it in or taking it out after use.

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